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Appropriate for "handwritten" note cards?

edited September 2016 in AxiDraw
I've always been envious of friends with beautiful handwriting who send handwritten notes.  Unfortunately, my handwriting is awful and nearly illegible so I have to do my best to use a computer, a script font and a printer to create notes.  I stumbled across mention of the AxiDraw on Facebook and thought this might be something I could use to create handwritten notes.  I've downloaded all of the software to check it out and, while it seems far more complicated than what I would need for creating only simple notes, it does appear doable.  Query, does the AxiDraw work like a printer that I could perhaps print directly from MS Word or do I have to print from the Inkscape program?  Any advice or info welcomed!  Thank you


  • Currently, the print driver is built into Inkscape. Depending on your workflow, you may want to create and edit your notes in Inkscape, or create and edit them in MS Word. In the latter case, you can export your text and think of Inkscape as the "Page setup" screen for your printing (positioning it on the page, filling text if using block letters, etc). The advantage of doing your design work in Inkscape is that it's a little faster, and can let you (for example) create templates for doing multiple similar notes.
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