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Pause button

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    Does this mean that future versions of the EBB software will not support B0 as an external pause button?  I hope this is not the case, since I find B0 very useful - much quicker to access a conveniently mounted switch than the eensy-weensy EBB switch.
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    [Follow-up comment by Shel from the other thread, reposted by me -- I mangled this thread while splitting it from the other.]

    When I want to pause, I'm usually in a real hurry to make it happen.  That's why I even put a fluorescent dot on the switch ...just to gain me a fraction of a second in finding it.  Finding and precisely pushing the switch on the EBB board is simply an exercise in frustration for these old eyes.

    In other words, I hope B0 can continue its present duties.  8^)

    Here's a picture of my switch setup, it's really handy.  I used some InstaMorph plastic for the saddle mount (friction fit, so its position is moveable if need be), and E6000 to glue the switch to the saddle.  image
  • We are currently adding an acrylic cover to the EggBot Pro and to the AxiDraw, which has a protruding button for pause. It's not as accessible as yours, but does make it relatively straightforward to just "push the button" rather than looking around on the EBB for the right thing to push.
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