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Python GUI for Plotink?

UPDATE 10/31: some code to use EBB with Python and Tkinter:

UPDATE, almost done, though just using Plotink to figure out how to write to EiBotBoard.  Will post code when I'm done.

Just checking that no one has built a GUI to the Plotink, or directly for the EiBotBoard?

I also noticed that Plotink is not Python 3.4.x compatible (probably minor tweaks).  So if you think it should stay in Python 2 then I can switch to that for GUI stuff.  Thoughts?

I have a custom x/y board for moving a camera around using the EibotBoard and a couple of steppers from EMSL.  I need to set parameters for it (stepper movements, shutter release, etc) to run a capture session.  Will be easier to have a UI for others and for me to configure/test.

Any suggestions appreciated.  I noticed that Stipplegen is done in Processing?  Is that the way to go?


  • Hi maxotics,
    I apologize for the slow follow-up here. Plotink is a set of helper routines that a few of our programs use, but we've never really considered adding a separate GUI for it alone. We are continuing to add routines to plotink, to try and make our different programs that interface with the EBB a little more consistent, and to improve performance where possible.

    Inkscape uses python 2-- which is the reason that we are still using it. We have not yet had a compelling reason to update to python 3. However, we are looking at adding additional stand-alone interfaces to control our machines (EggBot, WaterColorBot, AxiDraw) through python directly, which may be cause to start supporting both officially.

    StippleGen is written in processing. However, if you would like a starting point for communicating with the EBB through Processing, please start with RoboPaint RT, which has routines for managing the serial interface already.
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