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Hatch update problems

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Windell: running win 10, inkscape .91, 64 bit. trying to update to the new hatch files. Copyied the updated files to the extension folder,  started inkscape, eggbot extension are there but not the new hatch. The old hatch is still there. Also noticed there is no USB diagnostics in the window either. I am to the point of removing inkscape and starting over from scratch . Any suggestions before I do


  • Can you please clarify what the situation is? Which files are you installing?  The new hatch extension for EggBot should appear as "Hatch Fill..." in the EggBot extensions menu, not the EggBot Contributed extensions menu. (Note also that you should install the latest version of plotink: )

    If you have replaced both eggbot_hatch.inx and, and have installed the files from plotink, and your menu is not updating after you restart Inkscape, then either (1) you have not copied and/or replaced the correct files or (2) you're launching a second copy of Inkscape.

    Separately, I'm not sure what USB diagnostics you are referring to-- the Hatch Fill extension does not use any USB connectivity, diagnostic or otherwise.

  • Ok, yes, upgrading to new hatch fill extension, have loaded the  the eggbot_hatch.inx, files. started Inkscape and the look under EggBot extensions menu and no Hatch Fill. Just downloaded the 3 files from plotink. Installed them. started Inkscape and hatch fill still does not show up in the eggbot drop down. the old version is still in eggbot contributed menu.

    The hatch files were copied from github, and had a date of march on them.
    And only one copy of Inkscape on the machine.
  • I don't know what to tell you-- if the old version is still there, then you definitely haven't removed it. Perhaps you could try deleting the old version from your extensions directory, and make sure that they are gone from the menu when you restart Inkscape.
  • ok removed the egg bot hatch files from the extensions  folder. started Inkscape and hatch fill is gone from eggbot contributed.  copied the new egg bot hatch files to the extension folder. started Inkscape and checked eggbot menu and hatch fill is not there.   Is it normal to have inkscape in both the programs folder and Programs x86 folder?

  • If you have Inkscape in both places, then there is indeed more than one copy of Inkscape on your computer. On my computer (Windows 10), it's in the Program Files (not the x86) directory.

    When copying the new files over, make sure to bring along the three files from plotink as well.
  • ok have completely removed Inkscape and anything that was left over from both programs and programs x86. reinstalled Inkscape 64.  Inkscape only shows up in Program Folder at this point. then download unzipped and copied the files to the extensions folder, started Inkscape and the new hatch fill shows up where it is supposed to. Now at this point do I need to copy those 3 plotink files also? 
  • I think that the EggBot 2.7.1 _does not_ include the new hatch version-- the latest version (the one dated March) that you downloaded is newer, and you should copy that into the Extensions folder. The latest version of plotink does include some bug fixes, so it might be nice to use that as well.
  • Thanks Windell will do,  At least it is up and running now.
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