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Identify a Zener Diode

edited November 2016 in Electronics

I'm new to the forum and was wondering about how to identify a zener diode, or a good source to help educate me.    I've got a subwoofer with its main PCB that went bad.   It's visually obvious.

I have a close up pic of it but can't post it here from my iPad.

Thanks for any help!  What a crazy Game 7 of the World Series!



  • Does it have a label that you can read?
  • I did a bit more searching the web last night and realized I'll need to remove it from the board to see it better for the numbers on it and testing it, so the answer is most likely yes once I can get a better visual.

    Thanks for the feedback :)
  • Hey Windell,

    I did get it identified as a 1N4148, and luckily they had them at Radio Shack.

    I replaced them and re-assembled the sub (tested the diodes before installing them). And no sound. I'm gong to have to t-shoot this better now. I had sound before I sprayed contact cleaner on the diode, so perhaps surrounding components are also failed.

    Oh well, I almost had it fixed I guess.
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