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Just Received. Shall Update Accordingly!

edited November 2016 in AxiDraw
Finally received my AxiDraw! 

Will play with it tomorrow, looking forward to it. 

Will be gifting a dear Friend a Box of Chocolates tomorrow and will write the Gift Card via the AxiDraw! 


  • I openly I admit I am a Noob, absolutely with this piece of equipment. 

    Ran to get a Lamy Safari Pen this morning. 

    In all the documentation it included the Cap when the item was working. This is strange. Surely this just places additional strain on the machinery?

    The orientation is something you have to get over. Everything is sideways! Had me question whether I had the machine in the right orientation. 

    Overall, this machine is fun. Still getting to know it. Hershey Text is essential. Basically, I am using this to write letters. I would appreciate a more thorough guide on this. 

  • You can use the cap or not-- we usually do not, but it can sometimes be helpful to have additional weight.
    We are working on an expanded version of Hershey Text, which is more adapted to longer blocks of text.  For the most part, it's usually better to use a regular (but thin) font. A wider nib (e.g., Lamy M) helps to avoid double-line issues.
  • Hello! Funnily enough I am using the Machine as we speak, penning a letter to Kenneth Chenault of American Express using the Allura Font. 

    Wish the cancel button actually works - the machine keeps going and going when I click the software cancel when I made a mistake : ( 

    Have to do the letter in sideways cause I do not know how to print a letter in the correct orientation. 
  • Sadly, the cancel button in Inkscape does not work whatsoever (in any context-- not just in AxiDraw). I've urged the development team to simply remove the button.

    So long as "auto-rotate when printing" is selected, a document in portrait orientation (taller than wide) will be rotated automatically when you print it-- please see the user guide for more detail about how to set up letters to print in the correct orietnation.
  • You can use the hardware pause button if you wish to stop a plot.
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