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Who can help with a vintage Nixie Tube clock in Houston Texas?

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Hello fellow Mads,

I need help!  I have a vintage (1970) Nixie Tube clock that my father built, however, it hasn't worked in over 25 years.  Not sure what's wrong, as it stopped working when I was a child.  My mother gave it to me when she moved in with my sister (dad passed in 97), and I have schematics and everything for it (I believe).  I would love to fix it myself, but as I don't know the first thing about logic circuits and soldering, (a passion my dad had, that I hope to now foster myself) I am not sure where to begin. I'm thinking maybe a hobby club for electronics enthusiasts here in Houston. Do those exist anymore?  Something like that would be great, because I could learn while someone who knows his/her stuff could make sure it's done right.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I could scour the internet, but this seems like a good group project. 


  • Nobody?!!?  No one knows ANYTHING that could help? Come on folks!!!  Slap on those goggles and shrug into the lab coat, let's get this going! 
  • I think that you've identified most of the things already-- learn about how logic circuits work, learn how nixie tubes work, and try to figure out how that particular clock works -- or is supposed to. Learn how to use a multimeter, watch out for the high voltage, and see if the power supply is working, and then see if the logic circuits are working.

    The electronics hobby clubs are mostly called "hackerspaces" and "makerspaces" nowadays. Go meet the people at TXRX and/or similar spaces around. Find one that you like and join it. (Meet the people, and learn _how to learn_ what you need to learn. Don't ask them to fix it for you, or to teach you to fix it.) Go to the mini maker faire next year. There are lots of resources, and it sounds like you'd like to dive in.
  • Awesome! Thank you Windell!  I'll check out TXRX!  I appreciate the guidance!
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