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just recieved my machine and... slight vibrations.

edited November 2016 in AxiDraw
on the x and y shaft movement were getting some vibration that doesn't sound great. im not sure if this is normal? i read somewhere that sewing machine oil might help. has anyone else had this issue? anyways i love it so far. still working on how to convert my art to utilize the machine effectivley.


  • While some amount of noise is normal, it is also possible that your machine is making an excess of noise or a noise that it shouldn't make at all. One of the most common types is a buzzing that comes from the moving carriage itself while operating. We allow a machine to pass final inspection with some amount of buzzing there, so long as it does not affect the output printing quality. Adding some additional oil (yes, sewing machine or light machine oil such as 3-in-1 oil) to the 6 mm and 8 mm shafts before and after each of the linear bearings can help to alleviate (or even eliminate) this type of sound.

    If it's something else-- a skipping or grinding noise, or if your machine is losing position control, try operating at a lower operating speed (see the speed guidelines in the user guide) or contact customer support directly.
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