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Axidraw prints diagonal

edited January 2017 in AxiDraw
i build an Axidraw that is moving with a cnc board on an Arduino uno
it works fine but prints come out diagonaal
i changed the motor connectors but it doesn't help
it keeps printing in a 45 degree angle
does anyone know what is wrong here


  • It sounds like you made a drawbot that is not an AxiDraw that you're wanting to use the AxiDraw software with. Is that correct? 
  • hello Lenora,
    thanks for your reaction
    i uploaded gbrl to the Arduino Uno
    and send gcode withGbrlControler
    the drawbot is a copy of Axidraw
    with 2 steppermotors and a servo connected to a cnc shield on a Uno
    everything works ok except its tilted 45 degrees cloockwise

  • We are not able to provide support for devices we did not produce.
  • i understand. sorry for asking.
  • edited January 2017
    I have one of the early machines (Legacy Version) and replaced the old board (shorted out due to getting dirty) with the newer white V2 board and updated the drivers per download instructions on a newer computer (Windows 7 Pro) and it prints at a 45 degree angle now. Is there anything I can change to make it print correctly? Do I need to go back and find the old files & reload them and will they even work with the new board?
  • @OldFarmer: This is not a related issue; I'm going to close and lock this topic after this reply. If you have additional questions, please start a fresh discussion topic.

    (And to answer your question, the Legacy AxiDraw does not use the same software as V2 and V3. Please use the original software for your machine.)
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