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Would this be possible?

edited December 2016 in AxiDraw
I have a quick question before I will order the AxiDraw.

I have a small online store and I would like to write "handwritten" thank you note cards. 
I'm planning to send out around 3-5 cards a day.
My question is know if this generally would be possible? Is it hard to create a customized (change the firstname) text for each thank you note?

Thanks for your help,



  • The AxiDraw is a machine; nothing that it ever writes will be genuinely "handwritten." That said, there are handwriting like fonts that you can use, and it is possible to save your thank you note card design as a template in Inkscape. Then, one only needs to (1) change the relevant text and (2) convert the text to paths (Path menu > Object to Path) to prepare it for printing.  We use a similar system for updating (for example) the serial number on the final test document that ships with each AxiDraw.
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