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How to photograph engraved ornament??

edited December 2016 in Egg-Bot
Eggbot has made a nicely engraved ornament which I'm going to give as a gift, but I would like to photographically document it before I give it away.  I've tried all sorts of random lighting setups, but I really don't know what I'm doing.  The best I've been able to do is attached, but I'm hoping someone can suggest an organized way of setting the shot up.  I wish I could get rid of all the internal and external hotspot reflections.

On top of the lighting problems, you can see I also have the problem of the image from the opposing side showing up as well.

I'll have to say that the Eggbot engraver really does a lovely job.  If anyone wants, I could post here the speed, etc. settings I used for this.



  • You need a diffuser box. Here's one way to make a cheap one:

    There are also lots of inexpensive ones available for purchase on, for example, amazon.
  • The diffuser box looks like a really great idea for solid, non-reflective objects.  I've just now tried to rig up a diffuser somewhat similar to your suggestion, but I just ended up with even more bad reflections.  8^(  Have you had success with your use of the diffuser and an engraved transparent sphere?  Is there some trick to it?

    Oh, that gives me an idea - maybe I could infiltrate some kind of black stuff, like black yarn or cloth or something, into the ornament, thru the neck.  Hmmm, I'll report back, but in the meantime any further input will be appreciated.
  • One other trick might be to use a polarizing filter; reflections can be attenuated with the polarizer at a certain angle, relative to the rest of your image.
  • Ooooh, that's a great idea, thanks!  And yes, I do have a polarizing filter I think (I'll have to check the "stockroom").
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