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"Failed to connect to EggBot. :("

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I am setting up a new Eggbot but I am seeing a  "Failed to connect to EggBot. :(" error whenever I try to apply anything in the Inkscape Eggbot Controller.  I am able to see the Eggbot controller board in my windows device drivers and control panel on COM 5 when I plug it in.  I have seen posts about "Unable to find an Eggbot on any serial port. :(" and did see that error, but I have corrected that issue and now am seeing the failed to connect error.  Can anyone offer any advise on a next step to try. 

I am using Windows 8
                  Eggbot Software: Version 2.7.1
                  Inkscape 0.91
                  Power Led is solid Green and USB LED is flashing Green

Thank you.


  • Yes, that's the same error, and it sounds like you have the driver installed and everything. It also seems like your USB cable is functioning and plugged in.

     Usually in cases like this it turns out to be that something is blocking access to the port. That could be a different device (perhaps a printer or some other type of I/O device), or anti-malware software that does not allow access to the USB port. Please check to see if there is something like this which might be interfering with your access. 

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    Are you saying I need to assign a new port?  The Windows hardware devices page recognizes the controller as  "Model:  EiBotBoard"  and I have no issue connecting other third party controllers through USB.   IE flight controllers for drones that are programmed through USB.  

  • The error message indicates that the software cannot find an EBB. So, if Windows can see it but the Eggbot software cannot, that _usually_ indicates that something else is intentionally blocking the port (as antivirus/antimalware software sometimes does) or unintentionally blocking the port (as software that accesses other serial devices sometime does).
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    I think got it.   I am running a 64-bit version of windows and at first downloaded a 64bit version of Inkscape.  Is there possible an issue of compatibility with the Eggbot extension and the 64-bit Inkscape?   I just downloaded the 32-bit version of inkscape and created and X86 partition and I seem to be having some luck getting it to work.

    Thank you for the quick replys to my questions
  • EggBot software has been pretty seamless across the 32/64 transition; it's a set of python scripts that are not pre-compiled for either 32 or 64. However moving from one version of Inkscape to the other (or worse, having more than one on your system) can potentially cause certain types of misconfiguration. I'd recommend affirmatively deleting the version that you do not plan to use, and then re-installing the Inkscape extensions. 
  • I am having the same trouble of the extensions not connecting to the eggbot.  
    Not sure how to check if the anti software is blocking. 
    devices says it is working properly. 

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    Please start a new thread or contact technical support directly.

    The issue that you are describing does not sound related to the one in this thread.

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