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Change firmware to allow circular LEDs?

I've seen the article showing the hack to string a few of these kits together. Would a similar firmware change make it possible to have the scanner start back at the opposite side instead of "bouncing" back and forth?

I'm imagining the LEDs extended via wires and assembled into a circular display, so the effect is like a "spinning beachball" or a dekatron?


  • My guess is that the extended Larson firmware would already do that, if it keeps scanning in one direction until it finds the edge--- if there isn't one.
  • Is that how it works? I think I just assumed it wouldn't work if it wasn't connected to another unit...
  • Again, it's my guess.  If not, then it would indeed be a "similar" change to make it so.
  • Clarification:  The extended firmware ought to do this if you add a pair of wires that loops from one edge to the other. 
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