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Atmega 164

edited January 2017 in Microcontrollers
I wondering if i could get some help about the pinouts on the Octolivley atmega 164 microcontroller. The pins that drive the visible LEDS, are they controlled by voltage or current?


  • Please look at the datasheet for the ATmega164 or the Octolively as needed for your reference about which pin does what. 

    I'm not sure what your question about LEDs is about-- LEDs are lit by current flowing through them. However, you can't get current to flow with them without voltage. Similarly, voltage alone isn't enough-- there needs to be a complete path for current to flow through. As to what controls the pins, it's the software (firmware) stored in the device.
  • Ok. Do you know what the voltage would be at those pins? Would it be 5v as to what is applied to the microcontroller?, 

  • It's a digital high; please check the datasheet for what the actual voltage is under these conditions.
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