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Robopaint - create/edit drawing doesn't seem to work

edited January 2017 in WaterColorBot
Hi there,

My students and I have a new WaterBot in our library, and although we've been able to successfully print the canned images that come in the RoboPaint software, when we try to create our own drawings, we can't seem to get it to print. We've tried uploading our own images from the web too, and then tracing over them to create the "paths" but that doesn't seem to work either.

Any advice?



  • Can you please say which version of RoboPaint you are using?
  • We are using version 2.0. Any advice for us? Thanks for your help.
  • There are several different "2.0" versions-- please make sure that you are using the latest, "v2.0.0 Beta 3".

    Can you also say which platform (Mac? Windows?) you are using?
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