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HersheyText Addon Inkscape

edited January 2017 in AxiDraw

I'm interested in the Axidraw to write "handwritten" cards to my customers. I have a couple of questions that i would like to have answered before the i place the order.

1. Single line fonts
I downloaded the HersheyText addon for inkscape. It works but it seems to only work with one line at a time. Is it possible to copy and pasty the complete text in the addon and have it automaticly in the same format with linebreaks/enter?

Right now if i past a complete letter it puts everything in one line. It takes a long time to copy a letter sentence for sentence.

2. Normal fonts Preview
Do you have an preview of a normale fonts that is written with a fountainpen? 

Thanks in advance for the time taken to answer my questions.

Kind regards,



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