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new Inkscape 0.92?

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Does AxiDraw work with the new Inkscape 0.92?


  • We have not finished testing it. (It will work, but does not yet.) I would advise holding off for another week until we have a chance to give it the full workup. (We're also finishing up a round of other software updates.)
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    Great!, Thanks a lot.
    Anyway, I was checking a little and seems to work

  • We've seen an abnormally large number of bug and issue reports from people in a few different reporting locations (forums, user groups, formal bug reports), and we are temporarily advising against upgrading, especially on Mac. (I have every confidence in the Inkscape team to work things out, but it may take a quick bug-fix release before things are genuinely stable.)
  • So, it's been a few months... have things improved 0.92-wise? 
  • Unfortunately, not enough for us to recommend it yet.

    They did put out a quick bug fix release (0.92.1) in February release to correct a couple of major issues. However, they are still recommending that Mac users stay on 0.91 for the time being. Between that and the physical-DPI change between versions (ugh), we have decided to continue to recommend 0.91 for all platforms for the time being.

    If you have a use case where it's important to get the AxiDraw up and running under 0.92, please let me know what that case is and which platform you are on, and I'll see what I can do.

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