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Octolively Board

edited January 2017 in LED Matrix Kits
Can anyone suggest what frequency crystal resonator to use with the Octolively board?


  • The microcontroller in the Octolively kits comes preprogrammed (via its fuse bits) to use the internal oscillator, rather than an external crystal.
  • Ok, so if I write the code onto a new atmega 164 it will be programmed the same way to use the internal oscillator?
  • A new ATmega164 comes with the fuses set to run on the internal oscillator. The fuse settings are essentially independent of your code-- if you set the fuse bits to continue using the internal oscillator, then it will continue to use the internal oscillator. If you set the fuse bits to require an external crystal, then you'll need an external crystal compatible with the fuse settings that you apply.
  • Ok thank you for explaining this to me. I am new at this, but im sure you could tell..!!!!
  • I have one more question about these boards. If I connect multiple boards together and if I press one mode switch will it sync all of the other boards to that mode?
  • No, the mode buttons are intentionally not linked. You can hook them all together with a wire if you like; some people have done that.
  • Ok, Thanks again Windell.
  • I have another question for you Windell. Can i make one atmega164 control 128 sensors and leds by using a TLC5940 and a 16 to 1 MUX sheild? If so do i need to rewrite a new code also?
  • If you want to control 128 sensors and LEDs, you'll need 128 inputs, and 128 outputs. If you're arranging these like the Octolively does, with one IR LED per sensor, you'll also need 128 outputs for those LEDs.  Not sure how you get there with 15 extra I/O pins through your shield plus ~14 extra LED outputs.
  • How far apart do you recomend that the ir tx and ir rx be spaced apart?
  • I'd suggest following similar spacing to what we have on the Octolively boards.
  • Hey Windell.....I was wondering if a different Atmega microcontroller would work with this code?
  • For the Octolively schematic I mean.
  • AVRs in the same series should be straightforward to work with, such as the ATmega324, 644 and 1284. For other chips, you may need significant changes.
  • Ok....Thank you Lenore.
  • Is it necesary to connect J1 through J4? Or can I leave those connections out?
  • They are used to communicate with neighbors, for synchronization of the IR signals, which can avoid false positives. You can include them or not.
  • Ok, thanks Windell
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