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Difficulty installing inkscape extensions

edited January 2017 in AxiDraw
Axidraw arrived today.

I had an older version of inkdscape already on my MAC Book Pro (OSX 10.9.5), but used  "AxiDraw_Mac_v122.dmg" to overwrite it.

Axidraw does not show up on the extensions menu.

Rebooted / reinstalled / re-read instructions

Looked for /Applications/ , but it did not exist, so I created it manually, and moved the files from the zip file into it, and rebooted again.

The extensions menu still does not show axidraw. 

Note also that the stuff that IS on the extensions menu is NOT in the directory with the axidraw extension files.

Can there be another one elsewhere? What am I not seeing?


  • It sounds like you didn't manage to actually install that copy of Inkscape on your computer. Or, if you did, it ended up somewhere besides where it was supposed to be.

    That folder location is only present on recent versions of Inkscape, so that may also indicate that you don't have things in the right places. All together, that sounds like you may have more than one copy of Inkscape on your computer.

    When Inkscape is open, hold down its icon in the dock to show the contextual menu. Then, select from the Options submenu there, "Show in Finder" to reveal the location of that copy of Inkscape. I'd recommend that you move it to the trash. 

  • Yes, that was it.

    I thought I had that cleaned up, but apparently not.

  • Great-- always glad when there's a clear solution. :)
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