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Electronics Advisor Wanted

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Electronics Advisor Wanted
Hi, I imagine there are some electronics hobbyists out there that can help with this:

Job Description: 
A prototype design for a consumer product currently being 3d designed for a Startup. It will contain a small circuit board, motor, and sensor etc. I am looking for someone to advise me on the electronic parts I've chosen. This person will be someone that tinkers with hardware and has experience using batteries, sensors, micro controllers, etc. 

Deliverables may include: Arduino code, custom circuit board design and supplier selection, battery size recommendation, PIR or other sensor type selection

We will agree on the deliverables and a timeline up front.

Experience in plastics/consumer products design preferred. Please respond with high your experience/resume and we will discuss. 

Full scope will be provided to successful candidate. 

Experienced hobbyist or technologist
Experience in consumer products preferable

Application Instructions: 
Please feel free to touch base with me about it -

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