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Setting canvas size, position, orientation

edited February 2017 in AxiDraw

I am trying to connect to the axiDraw using the RoboPaint API as well as the CNCserver API, but neither documentation seems to provide explicit information about setting the relative position, size, and orientation of the canvas. I see some potentially relevant variables, such as corsDimension, but there are no explanations. Could you please provide a little bit of information about the appropriate way to communicate this information to the axiDraw plotter? Thank you very much for your assistance. 



  • Cncserver and robopaint are intended to use the coordinate system as one normally does with AxiDraw: (0,0) is the upper left corner of the page, and there is no explicit entry of the page size. The only significant difference is that there is not automatic page rotation within RoboPaint/cncserver.
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