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Oooh! I like this previously-unknown-to-me feature of StippleGen!

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Maybe I just didn't RTFM, but I didn't realize until tonight that there is a great way to facilitate the setting of the non-primary sliders and buttons.  Just hit the PAUSE button, and all the other controls become instantly responsive and the results are immediately shown.

What a boon, to not have to dork around trying to deal with a system that takes its own sweet time responding to mouse events.  Just slide the sliders and immediately observe the results - very interactive!

Oh, very very minor point, just found a tiny GUI bug - when paused, if change a primary control causing system to unpause...the label of the pause button does not get changed back.  Fixed in my version


  • It is unfortunate that the program is not more responsive, especially with large numbers of stipples. I have sometimes thought of trying to rewrite it from scratch, perhaps in OpenFrameworks, or some similar setup. But yes, excellent tip. 

    I haven't had a chance to look at your new version yet-- that sounds like a bug fix worth adding.
  • The version I put in dropbox does not have the GUI fix - I have to scoot out the door this instant, but will upload my with GUI fix in about five hours.
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    Here's the link to  The changes which fix the minor bug are at lines 641 and 706.  But, I hope you have a little time to try out my additional controls, in conjunction with using the pause button before control fiddlage.
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