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Notes / Documentation Layer in Inkscape

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I'd like to store notes / documentation for a specific drawing inside that drawing. For example, if i'm designing the hatch, etc for a specific pen width, I'd like to be able to note the info inside the doc, but NOT have it print.

Do you have a suggestion on how to do this today without having to then print by layer every time?

If there is not an existing way to do this, would you consider making a specific layer number prefix NOT printable when printing the default of all layers?

Thanks for a great product!


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    Hi Ian...
       I'm not associated with, but I can suggest a couple of ways to store notes inside a drawing:

    1.  Make a new layer with no vectors on it, and put your notes as the layer name.

    2.  Put your desired note text on a new layer, and do NOT convert it to paths.  Now when you perform the plot, it will plot all the layers that you do want printed, and will complain - but only when it's finished plotting - that it can't plot your text.  You can just press OK on its warning, cuz that's what you wanted.
  • I would second both of those. Another thing that you could do would be to edit the axidraw control script on your computer and suppress the error message. (I can point the way if you would like to do that.)

    Another approach would be to add some "out of band" data. If you right click on an object, you can view its Object Properties in the XML editor. There, you have a "description" field that you can type into, and save any notes that you would like to associate with the object.

    Beyond that, it's not a bad idea to add a feature into the software to support named documentation layers. I've opened a github issue for it, here:
  • Thank you both for your input :)
  • I've added a feature to support this ("documentation layers") in the newest revision of the AxiDraw software. It's available for manual installation from our github repository, and you can read about it here:
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