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SRS v2.0 Kit Terminal Block and Relay don't fit together

I purchased 4 Simple Relay Shield kits recently.  All the kits are version 2.0.  On my first kit, I followed the directions on the wiki.  After soldering the terminal block, I found the relay would no longer fit.  Testing with the other 3 kits, I found the holes were 1mm too close and would not allow both parts to fit correctly.

If I turned the terminal block 180 degrees around (so the terminals would then be covered by the relay), the parts fit great.  I have some guesses as to the root cause: 1. the specs on the part changed, 2. either the relay or terminal block had to be substituted with another part, 3. the person laying out the board rotated the terminal block 180 degrees.

For me, I found that if I used a belt sander, I could sand down the terminal block along the edge that is next to the relay.

Just thought I would give my feedback with my experience in building the SRS.


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    It was (1). We noted the problem recently, but weren't conclusively able to track down all of the orders that shipped this way. We're very sorry for the trouble; Please contact customer support-- we can send you replacement kits. 
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