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How can I get the generated machine language?

edited March 2017 in AxiDraw
If I open a SVG file,Axidraw could paint it.
I want to know how can I get the generated machine language for a certain SVG file?


  • I presume by "machine language" in this case that you mean the set of serial commands that are sent to the AxiDraw over USB. You could potentially modify the script to save a copy of each command sent to a file, but that does require that you note each point where communication is sent. Serial communication is handled through the script, so the good news is that you should only need to modify that one file in order to do so.

    I should note that the script is to some degree interactive; checking to make sure that it is connected to the right device and to make sure that each command was sent successfully. We have not tested the method of just sending a set of commands, which is what you would be doing if you are just re-sending a list.

    I might be guessing at your intentions here, but if your end goal is to be able to just print the same file many times, then you might prefer to start with a command-line script that prints your SVG file from outside of Inkscape. We do have a script like this, available to AxiDraw users in private beta-- please let us know if you would like to try that.

    If you are looking for the serial command set itself, you can find it here:

  • Actually,I want to design an app to realize the function that Axidraw could write down what I say while I am speaking.But it is too difficult for me now.
    So,I want to start slightly.I intend to put the machine language(commends...right) into a SD card,so that Axidraw could work by reading the commends in the SD card and work without the computer.And I think it is also more convenient to print the same file for many times,because you can take the computer with you while putting the Axidraw aside.
    And I would like to try your command-line script,thanks a lot!
  • To do that, you would actually need to work at a deeper level, and alter the programming of the EBB itself, since it presently does not have any facility to work from an off-board stored file. It is certainly possible to reprogram the EBB-- its source code is available, as are compilers. 

    The EBB does have the facility to work from a file stored in its onboard memory -- there are actually two files stored there -- but it does not have the ability to connect directly to an SD card. And, the computer is not necessarily something that can't be brought along with you. For example, a Raspberry Pi could easily fit in your pocket.
  • Could I store some new files in its onboard memory?If I can,how about the storage space?
    It dose not have the ability to connect directly to an SD card.But maybe I can connect the it to an SD card through a modle indirectly?
    And I would like to know about the interface used to extend of the EBB,maybe I can gain some new ideas.
    I mean if the Axidraw could work without a computer connected,you could take your computer with you to do other things.
    Thanks a lot!
  • It's an undocumented feature-- you'll need to look through the firmware to see how that works. There isn't a whole lot of storage space there, but enough for a couple of small files.

    The USB port on the EBB is a "USB device" port, not a "USB host" port-- that is, it acts like the port on a printer, not the port on a computer. To hook up to an SD card, you'll need something (a computer-- whether tiny or full size) to play the host role.
  • Thanks a lot.I will look through the firmware next few days.
    Could you please do provide a command-line script that prints SVG file from outside of Inkscape for me? 
  • The script is in private beta right now. Please contact customer service.
  • Ok,thanks for your kindness~
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