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AxiDraw image is skewed

edited March 2017 in General
imageWhen I print an image with AxiDraw (via Inkscape 0.92), the image is always skewed and slanted.  Here's the example I'm trying to print, a screen shot from Inkscape:


And here's what comes out:


I've downloaded the latest software, as well as removed and re-installed.  The machine is secure on the plat form, clamped down, so there is no shaking.  Furthermore, the machine is hooked up to a USB 2.0 hub on my computer.  I've never gotten a good print - they all have this fault.

What's wrong?  Thanks


  • Which model of AxiDraw?
  • AxiDraw 2.0, the older model.
  • This appears to be quite broken-- like something is physically loose on the machine. See if you can identify what the cause is, in case it is something that you might be able to screw down. If not, please contact customer service directly so that we can get this back for repair.
  • Hey there, I check the device, and all appears secure.  I checked all screws and bands, and nothing was loose or undone.  I'll follow up with customer service.  Thanks,
  • FYI, I also loaded RoboPaint, and tried drawing through that.  I get the same error, of a skewed image.  So, I think you're right that it's mechanical, instead of two different software programs being wrong...
  • After following up by e-mail, it turns out that this was _not_ actually an AxiDraw V2, but a poorly made knock-off. This level of "performance" is typical for those machines-- we've seen it now several times.
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