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Using auto CAD directly to run Egg-Bot

edited March 2017 in Egg-Bot

I have been working with the egg-bot for a while now.  Getting into more advanced designs I have began designing my eggs in CAD but cannot seem to transfer these files to Inkscape files without the resolution depleting.  Is there a way to draw these high resolution images in Inkscape?  (Something more like the Mona Lisa file that was given under the examples.)  Or is there a way to draw the designs directly from Auto CAD.  



  • Hi Liam,
    Inkscape has very limited support for some of the common CAD file interchange formats, and in particular if you're using DXF, you'll find the resolution to be disappointing. I'd suggest (as a first approach) importing via EPS, illustrator, or PDF format instead, to see if that makes a difference. Please give that a try and let me know if it makes a difference.

    If you're referring to the TSP art mona lisa example, that's a very specialized example of raster image conversion -- quite a different subject from moving CAD work, which is typically already in vector format. You can make artwork like this by using StippleGen:
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