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New Setup Not Working - Troubleshooting Help

edited March 2017 in AxiDraw

I have just received and setup my AxiDraw V3 and having some issues getting it working. 

I am using mac and software installed perfectly fine. Power adaptor and USB plugged in fine. I get a flashing green light for USB connection. I have the 3 pin motor cable connected to the EBB Control Board just like the instructions show.

The issue is that im not getting any response from the pen holder motor arm. I am trying to set the 'Toggle pen between up, down' in the control menu. The instructions say every time you click 'apply' the motor arm should move, but im not getting any movement.

Is there some other things i can try to see if i get a response from the the motor?


  • If it's not moving, that may indicate some kind of damage in shipping. The first thing to check is to make sure that the pen holder can be lifted freely, and that it falls again under its own weight. If it does not, then the pen lift motor will not be able to move it either.

    Second, double check that the connector is in the correct three pins and correctly oriented. 

    Third, try disconnecting the motor connector, and see if movement is working OK otherwise. If it is not, then the problem may be with the power supply.
  • Hi,
    I've just received my Axidraw v3 in an excellent state.
    I've plugged the black 3 pins cable to the bottom, installed XQuartz, Inscape properly.
    I can use the manual function in the extension to get the EBB version (2.5.1).
    But I cannot draw anything nor raise or lower the pen.
    So did I missed something?
    Please help.

  • Hi Raph,
    The behavior that you describe is consistent with the power supply not being plugged into the AxiDraw. (And plugging in the power supply wasn't among the things that you listed.) Please double check that your power supply is (1) plugged into the AxiDraw and (2) plugged into a working outlet. If it is, and you're still seeing this behavior, we may need to send you a replacement power supply. We've already followed up by e-mail, so please follow up there.

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