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EggBot not working

edited April 2017 in Egg-Bot
Using iMac running Sierra 10.12.4

I have been using my latest version of the EggBot for some time. It has been working fine until i unplugged it from my computer to transport it. Since I reconnected it to my computer and open the inkscape app I get the following. The program will open my saved egg designs but when I open the Extension and begin to work with the eggbot extension, nothing works. The motors will not enable and the pen arm will not rise or fall using the set up command and of course the eggbot will not plot.



  • Do you get any kind of error message? Or, does it act like everything is working, including taking the time that it normally would to make a plot? If the latter, then it sounds like the power supply is either not plugged in or not working. If you are getting some kind of an error message, then please say what it is.
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