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Alpha Clock Five Case

edited June 2012 in Clock Kits

I just wondered whether the designs for the Alpha Clock Five acrylic case are public?

I looked here: but I didn't see anything.  Maybe I'm being blind or daft. 

I would like to design a case with similar captive-bolt joints and it would be handy to have an example design to look at so I wondered if they were available.


  • Good catch!  I've added it to the wiki page. :D
  • Wow!  Now that's fast!

    Thanks Windell.

    PS There is no scroll-bar on this window so I can't see anthing that won't fit on one screen.  I have had a similar problem with other posts in the new forum - if it extends beyond one screen it's lost.  May be a browser issue - I'm in IE8 on an XP machine.

  • >There is no scroll-bar on this window so I can't see anthing that won't fit on one screen.

    Hmmm. Most web pages do not have built-in scroll bars. How do you *normally* scroll down a web page?
    (I use the scroll wheel, trackpad, or page-down key.)
  • UgiUgi
    edited June 2012
    All I mean is that I have no facility to scroll the window down.

    It's working fine today in Firefox but to the right of the window I have a scroll-bar.  To scroll you click and drag that, or if you use the scroll-wheel etc then the bar moves as the page moves.  In IE8 there is just no facility to scroll and so anything that falls off the bottom of the page is inaccessible.

    Compare this screenshot:
    with this one:

    You will see in the latter that no scroll-bar exists (red ring) and so you can't access the bottom of the page.
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