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Assembly Line/Automation Problem

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Hello There,

Thank you in advance for taking the time to look into my company's issue. I work for a real estate investment company in the MidWest called Easy Street Property Investments. We generate leads for a our business through a process called "direct mailing." This process requires us to generate large list of properties in our region that might want to potentially buy. We then send the owners postcards in the mail. Our plan was to use 5-10 of the machines to print those postcards (with a handwriting font that I created) and send them out to our potential sellers. My CEO envisions an assembly line type process where we can have someone designated to manually transfer paper to each machine, while software automates somewhat personalized messages to each individual machine. 

We have currently already bought an AxiDraw V3, and are excited with the prospects. However, I anticipate there being a few issues:
1.) Will we need to have separate computers/programs running to each individual machine for them to operate, or can we have them all running from the same computer with a USB adapter/splitter
2.) We typically mail to 1,000's of homes per month, so manually inputting personalized information would be a real challenge even if the above method were possible. However, we have a CRM (podio) that can manage all of our leads/lists that could automatically export a message. Is it possible to export those messages, in no particular order, and have the software print them out in that order? 

Now I know this sounds a little ambitious, but I really think your hardware/software could really help our business. We think this could improve our response rate from 3 to 6%. While that not may seem like a lot, that is the difference in becoming a 100 million dollar company. Thanks for your help in trying to engineer a solution to this problem! 

Thank you!


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    I see that you emailed us as well, and I will follow up with answers via email, as this forum may not be the best place for a detailed discussion of this type. 
  • Hi Lenore,

    Great thank you! I look forward to your response. 
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