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Alpha Clock Five buttons too tall?

edited September 2017 in Clock Kits

I don't think I've done/built anything wrong, but I can't get the top piece of the case on properly without depressing the buttons constantly. They just seem to be too tall. Here's some bad pics trying to show the problem:

Is it possible to trim them? Or should I look for replacement buttons with shorter posts?


  • No, that doesn’t look right— that appears to be a kitting error. Please contact customer service directly and we can send you replacements. In the mean time, if you like, you should be able to trim the buttons down a little using clippers; the same kind that you use for trimming wire leads. The top acrylic plate should be able to fit parallel to the bottom plate, and make the buttons work well.

  • No need for replacement buttons - I snipped off the top of the existing ones and it's working fine now.

  • I'm glad that you were able to make that work. If you do change your mind and would like the replacement buttons anyway, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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