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AxiDraw_122.exe install blocked by Symantec Endpoint Protection, "WS.Reputation.1"

Attempts to install AxiDraw_122.exe are blocked by Symantec anti-virus putting the file in quarantine for the non-specific "WS.Reputation.1" threat. This is on my office computer and I'm reluctant to introduce a potential issue on the company LAN by just retrieving the file from quarantine and proceeding. Any suggestions? Any chance EMSL could contact Symantec to have this file white-listed?


  • Well, that's annoying. We've had our software whitelisted by Symantec in the past, but it seems that WS.Reputation.1 has its own ideas.

    I have submitted it to Symantec for whitelisting, but it may take a few days for the whitelisting and for that data to propagate to your computer's whitelist.

    You might consider using the alternative "manual" install in the mean time:

  • Thanks Windell, that gets the AxiDraw extensions to show up in InkScape, but I get a "Failed to connect to AxiDraw. :(" Windows control panel says there's no USB driver installed and letting it search didn't find one. I only see python stuff (I don't speak C or python) in the ..Extensions\serial folder. I tried the schmalzhaus site but the driver install links came back error 404. Should the driver have installed with the manual extension install, or am I missing something?

  • oops, I think the schmalzhaus links were for firmware updating, not usb driver, but I think we still need to install the driver

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    Good news: they’ve already approved the whitelisting, and that should filter out through daily updates in the next 24 hours.

  • On the failure to connect, try manually running the EBB "UBW" USB driver. It's available here:

  • Success, we're plotting, thanks!

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