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Where can I find full docs for Mega Menorah 9000?

I would like to see a list of the possible settings for this item in the default kit version and what happens when each button is pressed quickly/fast/slow/long/held and what each color combination is IN ORDER somewhere please. I am having problems getting to certain sequences and then when i try to enable flicker it screws up my chosen color scheme, and since there is no documentation i cannot get back to where I was. Frustrating.


  • Perhaps you should READ the documentation that EXISTS in order to determine this, rather than saying that there is no documentation.

    The MM9k is an open source project, where the assembly and use instructions, circuit board design, and software are all available for you to read through.

  • Perhaps you should READ my question BETTER. Where is this documentation? I'm referring to the adafruit kit that comes pre-programmed and you assemble it.

  • Did your kit come with assembly instructions? (You managed to assemble it, which suggests that it did.) Those instructions are part of the documentation.

  • The only instructions for operating it are as follows, verbatim (including typos):

    Basic operation:
    Color button advances between color presets: 14 solid colors, 10 mixed color and/or animated modes.
    Hold Color to change brightness or flickering/steady display.
    Night button (or resetting) advances Hanukkah night displayed.
    Hold Night to put the LEDs to sleep. Press Night again to wake.

    If you put the LEDs to sleep before disconnecting from power, it tends to start up more gracefully the next time.

    The display board may be unscrewed and removed for storage.

    Now, tell me how many times I need to click which buttons to get from flickering pure white LEDs to alternating bright red and green, right now off the top of your head. You can't because it isn't written down anywhere. There should be clear charts that show exactly what transitions happen, in order, when each button is pressed quickly and/or long.

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    That is not "no documentation" -- it's a very clear description of how to operate the color modes:

    1. To advance between the 24 color modes, you press the color button.
    2. To advance between the four brightness/flickering modes, instead of pressing, hold down the color button (until it updates).

    Does that set of instructions include a list of what the color order is? No, but it is very clear that you need a separate action to get from flickering mode back to non-flickering mode. And, if you've understood those two things above, and spent perhaps a minute trying different settings to learn to learn the difference between pressing and holding, then it shouldn't take very long to go from any one mode to any other, even if you don't remember the color order (I don't). It takes me about six seconds to cycle through the full set of color modes (red back to red), and about six seconds more to cycle through the full set of brightness/flickering modes. Even if you go quite a bit more slowly to look at every mode as it goes by, it's still hard to imagine spending a full sixty seconds to get from any one mode to any other.

    And, that's not the only documentation. If you were to have read just one sentence further in the documentation (which again, exists) you might have seen this written down: "Please visit our documentation site: for extended docs, resources, and programming information."

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