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bicycle wheel led strings

i am putting together acollection of led's in a spoke pattern consisting of 4 led's per string at a value of 1'9-3fv/25mA ea led supply @ 3-9v. What andhow many resistors should i use and what is preferred battery supply?


  • I'm not sure that I understand your units here: "1'9-3fv?"   The best batteries to use are usually AA or AAA cells, as they have good energy density.    But, 4 LEDs in a string can use 12 V or more to run at full current, depending on the colors and how bright you want to run them.    It may be better to run from 4.5 V (three AA or AAA cells), so as to minimize battery size and weight, but then to run the LEDs in parallel, each with their own resistor. 
  • Sorry I know my terminology is not quite correct,I suppose it is easier to just explain what I am after and hope for a solution for a idea then I can stop over analizing and get to the fun part of this project! I am trying to come up with a way to make either a string of LED's to attach to a bicycle wheel say every two to four inches equally approximate length of 7' which would be about 20 or so LED's,or a set of 7 shorter strands w/3 LED's per strand in a star affect battery in the center on either design I have both 3v AA orAAA packs as well as 9v. The value of my LEDs are red or yellow 1.7 TV at20 MA,pink 3.5 fv @ 30 mA,blue or green 3.7 TV@20 mA what can you advise on the way to go about outing this together???? 

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