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Plotting with wireless/wifi connection

Hello, I'm wondering if there's an option to use AxiDraw with wireless / wifi, I have it on the desk next to me, but I'd like to be able to move it to a different table that's in the other room and send plots from InkDraw to it with wifi.


  • So far as I know, InkDraw is a specific program for HSAJET printers, and probably cannot be made to work with AxiDraw.

    AxiDraw is not a wifi-connected machine; it's driven through USB, and requires that you do have a computer connected to it.

  • Sorry, I don't know why I wrote InkDraw, I meant InkScape (and I didn't even know there was such a program).
    Yes, I know that it doesn't have wifi built in, but I've seen all kinds of hardware that can transmit usb over wifi with adapters on each side, and was wondering if someone did something like that.

  • I've managed to make it work!
    I've used the instructions here:
    I bought a TPLink AC600 DualBand so that my pc would be able to use Wifi, and I bought TPLink WR902AC Travel Router.
    I flashed the firmware in the above link to the router, and with the CloudHub Client was able to connect to the axidraw through the wifi connection. The axidraw itself was connected to just the router.
    It works great with no interruptions, and InkScape works just fine with it.

  • Oh wow! Thanks for reporting back!

  • Hey GreenDragon, hopefully this thread isn't dead, but Windell pointed me to this when I asked how to do something similar. I had success getting the AxiDraw to work using the same WR902AC, however, I'm getting pretty bad lag/stutter in the performance operating over a 5Ghz network. Did you encounter and solve this? Or did it just work out of the gates for you?

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