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Processing-based Axidraw Controller

Hey all,

I've spent a few months working on an Axidraw Controller for Processing, and I finally put it up on Github now that its pretty reliable.

* GCode support (partial)
* Live position and progress feedback
* Preview with Zoom
* Flipping for standard XY coordinates to plotter coordinates.
* Efficiency calculation and time estimate.
* Settings testing (pen toggling, speed adjustments, etc)

* Press '?' for help.
* Settings persistence, loading and saving.
* Acceleration! Help Wanted!
* Smoothing lots of small movements. Help Wanted!
* UI refinements. Possible collapse to one window? Non-processing GUI Library?
* Queue modification, starting and ending at preset points in queue.
* Threading serial communications and/or canvas drawing. Help Wanted!
* Live GCode object queuing for generative performances.

Its a little rough around the edges but it works, let me know your thoughts and contribute if you can!


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