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Hatch fill patterns and removing outside strokes


When I use axidraw, I'm using shapes and hatch fills or pattern fills to make interesting drawings. I want to draw shapes filled with hatchfill without outlines. If I draw a rectangle I'd follow these steps:

  1. Draw a rectangle with the rectangle tool.
  2. Use axidraw hatching tool to hatchfill.

At this point I cannot remove the outline by setting the stroke paint to "no paint." But, axidraw will draw both the outline and the hatch fill.

Similarly, I'll attempt this method:

  1. Draw a rectangle with the rectangle tool.
  2. Draw a bezier curve.
  3. Selecting bezier curve, Object > Pattern > Object to Pattern
  4. Selecting rectangle, Fill and Stroke Dialogue > Fill > Pattern

Attempting to draw this rectangle filled with a pattern fails. Axidraw only draws the rectangle's outer shape. Can anyone help? I want a hatch fill without an outline. Thoughts?


  • For the first one, it sounds like you just need to delete the original rectangle after creating the fill. Select the filled object, then Object > Ungroup to separate the two. Select just the outer rectangle and delete it. (It's sometimes a little hard to select just the outline of an object like that. If you have trouble, click the hatch fill and select Object > Lower to bottom. Then, you should be able to select the outline easily.)

    I'm not sure what you're trying to do by setting the stroke to "no paint" -- that makes the object hard to find, but the paths are still there in the document, and will be plotted.

    As for filling with a pattern, that will not work. AxiDraw software does not plot fill colors, gradients, or patterns. You would need to find a way to convert that fill pattern into paths.

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