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Something On Pen Holder Bent/Bound

I recently relocated a bunch of stuff to my office, including my AxiDraw. When I went to put it back into service today, the pen holder mechanism appears bent in a way that prevents it from raising/lowering the pen. The motor still toggles between the 2 positions, but the entire pen mechanism that slides up and down seems bound up.

I'm looking for what to fix/adjust/replace to get this back in service.

Here's a video showing the problem:


  • After disassembling, it looks like the travel rods and everything toward the pen from there is warped in some way. Can I order replacements?

  • Yes, and I'll follow up with that information in response to your email message. Additionally, you may want to note that when transporting the AxiDraw, it is a good idea to remove the pen clip from the vertical stage.

  • Well, when transporting in the future, this will get a massive upgrade in care.

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