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Writing a large volume of text from MSWord or PDF on AxiDraw v2

Hello!!! Tell me, please, how to write (print out) on AxiDraw v2 a large amount of text from MSWord or from PDF. The text has been edited for my personal font. The problem with writing the finished text is that AxiDraw writes a contour of letters, that is, two lines are drawn for each letter. And it is necessary, that he wrote letters with the help of one line. Tell me, please, how to do this ??? Can I process text not through Inkscape ?? Or translate the text into some other format. Thank you.


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    The first option on the photo does not suit you. at approach it is visible, that there contours. you need to do it as in photo 2
  • You have already posted this in a separate topic, and we have already answered you there. You have also written to us directly by e-mail, and we have answered you there as well.

    The answer is unchanged: You are using outline fonts, and they have outlines.

  • tell me, please, how to make a font, in which the pen will make one pass, not the outline
  • or there is no such possibility and AxiDraw v 2 can not write as a person large volumes of text ???????
  • Regular fonts cannot do this: They are outlines.

    The Hershey Font format can be used to make custom fonts, but we are not providing support for adding custom fonts yet. (That is a project that is currently underway.)

    Here is one example of someone making custom fonts, (using an AxiDraw knockoff):

  • "or there is no such possibility and AxiDraw v 2 can not write as a person large volumes of text ???????"

    The function of the AxiDraw is to plot the vector outlines that you provide to it. If you provide large volumes of text in an appropriate format, of course it can plot it. This is like asking "can a laser printer print a pie chart?" Of course it can, but you need to create that chart. It will not do so for you.

  • «If you provide large volumes of text in an appropriate format» unless there is no convenient and fast tool that would translate the letters of the text in one way, and not in two. especially since we are talking about a large volume of text.
  • It would be nice, but that's not a capability that we offer.

  • This is very very bad
  • using inkscape you can create a single-pass font. If so, how?
  • It is a capability that we are working towards. In the mean time, we'd suggest that you follow one of the supported methods from our documentation:

    • Use regular fonts, but use thin fonts and a broad-nibbed pen, which can hide the double-stroke aspect of standard computer fonts. (This is how most of our examples are generated.)
    • Use handwriting capture, to reproduce real human handwriting
    • Use Hershey Text, in one of the few stroke fonts that is supported.
  • "Use handwriting capture, to reproduce real human handwriting" how to do it?

  • Hello! Is it possible to make a font in Inkscape in one line and edit the text it introduces. if you can do so, describe how to do it. Thank you.
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    No, not by (for example) typing on the keyboard. Any kind of single-stroke text that you create (either by capturing handwritten text or using Hershey Text) is actually a set of paths. You can edit those paths by using the various path editing tools ink Inkscape. However, there is no text there that could be edited.

    If you want to use regular fonts, then they can be edited just fine, but you still need to convert them to outlines before plotting.

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