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About the "Does this LED sound funny to you?", article.

Hi, I am new of the board, I don'tknow if this is the place to post my question.
I have read this article ""

I liked a lot the idea to drive High power LEDs using the internal chip signal.

I wish to have an opinion about the possibility to couple one of these LEDs with a regular driver for high power LEDs.

There are many drivers available todays, that can run 6, even 12 Power LEDs. Some of these drivers have also a PWM
control ...maybe this can be a possibility.

Any suggestion really appreciated.


  • Well, "maybe."

    In our demo, we used a current-controlled transistor.  High-power LED drivers may or may not be able to accept and respond to a fast control signal (depending on whether or not they are designed for PWM), and if so, you'll likely have to adapt the control signal input to the type that they're expecting.
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