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Octolively troubleshooting: Not powering correctly

So I've just finished soldering my new octolively and alas when I plug in the power, nothing happens! great!

So I've been going at it with my multimeter and I know that the 5V is going in the board. The switch is also working.
Weird thing is, when I measure the voltage on pins 10 - 11 of the chip I get nothing.
No current is going to the chip.
But if I put a jumper on JP5, I get voltage to the chip.

I now know that the chip is getting the power but still nothing lights up.

So, if anyone can shed some light on these 2 problems (why I need JP5 to be connected and why nothing lights up) I appreciate it.

PS: I'm sure all the LEDS, infrared and photosensitive are well positioned (+/- wise)

PS2: I know it's hard to pinpoint the problem but anything at all is appreciated!

Thank you


  • JP5 is a jumper that short-circuits across the power switch.  It's there for you to "hotwire" the circuit permanently on, for example if you do not install the power switch.  If the circuit is not working without a jumper there, then it would certainly appear that the power switch is *not* working correctly, or has a bad connection. 

    Unless there is a scratch in the circuit board at just the right place, I don't see any other way for this to be the case. 
  • Hi Windell,

    thank you for the answer. I appreciate it. So I was testing all the outputs of the chips and testing pretty much everything with the multimeter then it hits me: "Did I put in the chip correctly?" So I check the orientation! AAARRGGHHHH frustration! I'm an idiot!

    Well everything works now!
    I grant you permission to laugh and call me names! :)

    Take care!
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