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Should I Attempt This?

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Hey guys. You appear to be the only approachable place for such noob questions like the one I'm about to ask.

It all started when I decided that I don't like the colours of the LEDs on my DJ mixer. I then found this:

... a very tempting project, but in the last 30 minutes of research I've learned that voltage and resistors, etc. are major factors. 

In your opinion, would you advise against what's being presented in the above link? What is the potential result or consequence of going through with this? Would the mismatching of LEDs/resistors affect the functionality of the entire system or just things like brightness and lifespan of LEDs?

Thanks folks. Also, I had no idea there were such cool and crazy projects and kits to do yourself.


  • Shouldn't be so bad, but learn to do that desoldering first on something not-so-critical.  

    The risk of not changing resistors is that you can potentially end up with an overdriven LED that could burn out.
  • Wow, fast response. Thanks! 

    I will practice the desoldering. Noted! 

    As for the overdriven LED, does that depend on which colour I choose to put in? There are currently some yellows, oranges, and greens, but I'd like to put in whites and blues. 

    Thanks for your help =)

  • Generally, you can replace any of those LED colors with blue or white, and it will still work, and be safe.  If it is using a low voltage to drive the LEDs (say, 3 V), the LEDs will not light, but that's at least a safe failure mode.
  • Thanks for the input Windell.

    A daunting project. 
  • I'm not expert in mixing either changing LED however after reading and watching the video on the link you have provide it seems it is safe to do. As long as you follow the instruction well. And if in case there you missed one, the only consequence will be there will be no light. So, you can try it for yourself.
  • Thanks for the insight! I've been looking at this project with a friend and I might save it for Spring. Xmas is too busy for DJ gigs! 

    For now I'm thinking of going SUPER high tech and using coloured cellophane. =(

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