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12V power supply for the Larson Scanner

Sorry for the noob question, but this seems to be a friendly place and I think this question is easy for somebody with actual circuit design experience.  I would like to put the Larson Scanner on an actual car.  (It's a joke, but it'll be a huge attention-getter and the youth of the 70-80's will love it..)  I'd love to power it directly from the car's battery, but obviously it's a 3V circuit with two AA batteries.  Other than buying a 3V DC adaptor, is there a relatively easy way to add to the project to drop an input voltage from 12VDC to 3VDC?  Or just some simple IC circuit I can add to do this?  BTW, this would be a cool option to add to the kit itself... I'm sure I'm not the first goofball who wanted to actually hard-wire it on a car...


  • No, not the first, not by a long shot.  ;)

    The standard way to create 3 V DC from 12 V DC is to use a linear voltage regulator, and that's a pretty standard component.  
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