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  • Turns out it's much easier to put in sleep mode if it's in solid color, bright, and flickering. As soon as it stops flickering, release the button and it fades out to off. Low brightness, random colors, in demo mode, it's really hard to tell when it…
  • All right, got both of those working. They're both pretty temperamental, you gotta get the timing just right.  I like the Demo mode, it's very festive. Along with random colors and flickering!
  • OK, I figured out a way to temporarily attach a little weight to the arm, and I'm right, it does make it work. I put a 1" #6 machine screw and T-nut on it, like this: Do you suppose it's because of the humidit…
  • That helped with T4. I could feel a "scratchy" feeling, a wood on wood texture. After pushing on it and turning it back and forth a bunch of times, it smoothed out, and then worked fine. Which is good- the complement operation is my favorite part. H…
  • It's working a lot better now, even without the books under the legs. The last ball still gets stuck on the start lever, but that's not really fatal. Multiply, Count, Clear, and Complement all work fine, although T4 sometimes sticks when resetting, …
  • Putting 2" of books under the legs helped a lot. I put 11 balls in the hopper, set it to "count", and walked away- came back and the accumulator read "0001011". I also noticed the last ball gets stuck on the Start lever- apparently the weight of the…