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  • Regarding your suggestion about Q1, I double checked and I can find no evidence of a short between the emitter and collector pins of Q1.  I replaced the transistor once before trying to debug, but I will try it again in case somehow it turns out to …
  • In response to your suggestions:The base pin of Q1 (left-most) is not connected to anything nearby (except RB1) that I can detect using the continuity function on my multimeter.The other end of RB1 is connected to pin 3 of U2, and only pin 3.  Defin…
  • Almost done, and I have confirmed the above behavior--all LEDs work, the sketches run as they should, but Row 1 LEDs light when any LED from the same column is lit.  Row 1 is very bright compared to the others.  Checked transistor Q1, and I see noth…
  • Thanks Windell.  I am in fact still working on soldering in all of the LEDS; I have about half in at the moment.   I have narrowed down the issue more by running various sketches.  The behavior seems to be that if ANY LED in a given column is lit, t…
  • Thanks Windell.  I am having some difficulty locating the short.  Also, in looking at the circuit diagram, it's actually row 1 (the second row of lights), not row 2 that has the issue.  A few things I discovered in working on this:Using the continui…