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  • Yes, there is a bug with the processing version 2.1.1 video library on windows. It wont be fixed until version 2.1.2.I just reinstalled 2.1.0 and it worked. 
  • I also found this video on Youtube of spectrum analyser working on the peggy, but i couldn't find the code he used 
  • Hi again Windell, Iv made some progress on the issue, mirror Peggy works very well and am delighted with it. At the moment im trying to display the input from my laptops microphone on my Peggy. I found this code which works well and clearly shows th…
  • Hey,Is there any chance you could post your edited mirror peggy sketch code here?Im trying to do the same as you but having issues, Thank you! Jack
  • Ok thanks, i'll check out the other topics in the forums.  Unfortunatly iv come across another problem, the black screen is back, and it wont stream to the peggy, this is the error im getting. As far as i know i havnt changed anything... JNA: Callba…
  • Also, i was wondering if it would be possible to play a video/ mp4 onto the peggy? i presume editing some of the mirrorpeggy code would be necessary. Prehaps replace the 'capture video;' line with something else relating to the directory of the mp4?…
  • Bingo!   Thanks Windell! It gave me an error at first.."the requested resolution of 320x240,15/1fps is not supported by the selected capture device" Does that mean i need a better camera? I changed 15 to 10 and it worked. Would have liked 15 though.