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  • Windell, Ok, after way too much work (reinstalling windows, etc.) I tracked it down as follows: 1) It appears that the USB 2.0 ports do not like the eggbot - when I switched to the 3.0 ports, it worked better. 2) You were right about using the o…
  • Windell, I tried option #1 and am not getting the error anymore. I will try to do some more testing, but I probably won't get much chance until after Christmas now. Ok, I went a little further and it can't find the serial port. But device mana…
  • I also noticed that if I just type text and hit "Post Comment" (at least in IE 11), it says that I am missing the "body" - so I go into html mode and add it. But someone who isn't as conversant with html might not understand the error or know how …
  • Windell, The funny thing is that I just put in a new motherboard and this is still a fairly clean installation. The Gear extension rendered a gear just fine. The Eggbot extension to strip data appeared to work. If I try "Name Poem" it too cra…