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  • Adobe Ideas. Simple and slick for kids. Requires a PDF -> SVG conversion step, but works. WYSIWYG out of the 'bot.
  • This is RoboPaint. TBH, given that I have it working in Windows, I've stopped playing with it in the Mac for now. My daughter is using it. I'll be happy to provide more info on the bug, however, if you have any questions!
  • Jlin (a technically skilled guy) and I played with it. We couldn't get it to work on the Mac. 10.8.4, Mac Air. Could be many reasons on our end. But I have a Windows box at home, so able to play with it through there.
  • We got it working off a Windows box. So it's probably a driver or software issue on the Mac. More shortly.
  • Thanks! The brush raise/lower doesn't work, either, so that suggests that connection isn't working. Though the software states that it's seeing it. We'll also play with the power supply. I've brought it into work to try to loop some more technical…
  • I should add that the green wire on what is now motor #2 was broken when I unpacked the kit. I stripped and twisted the wire back together at the break before I assembled it. I'm pretty sure the machine is getting power, as when I connect the power…