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  • I've started a hackaday project to document this:
  • OK, Axidraw now paints: Thanks for the help, Windell.
  • I probably would have recognized it as that, if it weren't a pin rather than a hole, but note that not all of the holes have crosshairs in that drawing (note the 5v holes), so it seemed safer to ask.
  • In looking at at the pins for rows B0 through B7 appeared to me to be  unnumbered (see below). Each of those pins labeled as ground have a "+" sign inside the circle, so I figured that I sho…
  • OK, I looked at the schematics and board layout, and my best guess is that the 3.3v signal should come across the two outboard pins on B3 (assuming I tell the software to use that). The numbering system used in those diagrams is not consistent with …
  • I received my 3.3 volt relay today, and mounted it to a board to connect to the EBB. If I understand your numbering system, B1 is the bottom three pins, B0 above that, then B2, with B3 on the top. I expect to take 3.3v off of B3, as the connector th…
  • So, truth be told, I don't know how much current the closed 9v circuit would draw. I'm assuming it's not much, as it's likely just triggering another relay inside the device (I can probably check this). EDIT: There is no electrical schematic, but th…
  • Well, it's not exactly your issue, but you probably know the answer: All I need to accomplish is to close a switch (that carries 9vdc) when a pin on the EBB board goes high, and open it when it goes low. (as discussed above) That sounds like a job f…
  • So, take it off of B0, B2 or B3, while leaving the pen up/down servo on B1? That sounds fine. Thanks again.
  • Oops, should have read your references before writing my response. It looks like everything is there. Thanks
  • Thank you very much. I was thinking that I could simply hijack the output to the servo, but wasn't sure just what was sent to it. Replacing pen up/down with pin on/off would be great, if that gets me 3.3v/0v on the pin. In that case, all I would nee…
  • OK, that's easy enough to do. Is there a 3.3V signal that corresponds to pen up or down? That would get me 99% of the way to my goal.
  • Yes, that was it. I thought I had that cleaned up, but apparently not. Thanks
  • I tried to outsmart "select input" and couldn't figure it out. I can wait for a fix. Thank you.
  • Thanks. It sounds like I should just leave it as it is for now and just run the .app.
  • The .app seems to run OK.
  • Running the source code for StippleGen_2 in Processing 2.1.1. I should probably try the app, but I figured the source code should work if the app would. should get you to the error message.